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Gwen Pech



OSes & Shells

Proven Success in Systems, Networks, High-Performance Computing, Visualization, and Customer Support Solutions


Experienced systems administrator who has managed many large and small installations which included a mix of Unixes, Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Visualization pioneer that has worked for many years in providing innovative solutions.

Entrepreneur who who understands the many facets of making a startup company successful. Applies a “can-do” attitude to difficult situations.  

Excellent communicator and relationship builder who is dedicated to seeing the job done right.

Work experience
Vaisala Oyj:  Software Technician

​2017 - present


Providing software support for Vaisala's Navigator software in the Roads, Rails, and Runways team, including creation and delivery of training materials for both internal and external clients, technical and user documentation, and responding to user questions using a trouble-ticket system.  Currently supporting Ubuntu Linux and Windows installations.

CGG GeoSoftware:  Technical Communication Specialist

​2014 - 2017


Provided software support for InsightEarth advanced seismic interpretation software, including creation and delivery of training materials for both internal and external clients, technical and user documentation, training videos, and responding to user questions using a trouble-ticket system.  Provided Audio/Visual and telecomm equipment support.  Co-directed industry research consortium to improve visualization and usability of InsightEarth.  Participated on Agile development team and assisted with testing.  Gave presentations at both energy industry meetings (SEG & AAPG) and at HP’s Oil & Gas Advisory Committee meeting. 


TerraSpark Geosciences, LLC

​2006 - 2014


Co-Founder of TerraSpark Geosciences, L.P. in January, 2006, and served as follows:

VP of Innovation (2012 – 2014):  Developed new approaches to solve difficult seismic interpretation challenges. Joined Agile Development team. Planned and gave presentations at energy industry and high-performance computing events.

VP of IT, Sr. Seismic Interpretation Specialist (2010 – 2012):  Performed seismic interpretation at client sites.  Supported hardware & software, including international users’ installations.  Planned and executed industry tradeshow exhibitions.  Presented talks at exhibitions and industry research events.  Hired and managed a Sr. Systems Administrator.

Sr. Systems Administrator (2006 – 2010):  Supported hardware & software in a variety of setups.  Also provided accounting functionality, administrative tasks, human resource interface, insurance coverage compliance, federal/state/local regulation compliance, tradeshow/exhibition design and execution, budgeting support, marketing support, extensive software testing, and software training/pre-sales support via individual and group presentations.  Assisted with generation and implementation of business plans.  Successfully moved GIVC research consortium from University to private industry.


BP Center for Visualization

​2000 - 2005


This research center, established by a donation to the University of Colorado at Boulder as a new system-wide resource, set the path for future innovation:

Sr. Systems Administrator:  Designed and supervised construction and installation of CAVE-like 3-D Virtual Reality Immersive Visualization Environment, along with the machine room and a satellite visualization site.  Maintained motion tracking systems, eyewear, and active stereo projectors.  Designed and set up secure networking environment, as well as physical access security.  Provided demonstrations and outreach to various groups. 

University of Oklahoma


Environmental Computing Applications System (ECAS):  Supported users and maintained the facility composed of a Cray J-90 supercomputer, plus a laboratory of IBM RS-6000 workstations.


Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS):  Supported users and maintained a facility of IBM RS-6000 workstations that utilized a Silicon Graphics Origin 200 for central computing.  Worked on acquisition of SGI Origin 2000 to supplement the existing environment.


Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS):  Provided support for existing Digital UNIX workstations and Macintoshes.  Specified and purchased backup systems for all hardware.  Implemented new web service on HP workstations using Netscape Enterprise and Directory Servers.  Installed UCAR/Unidata LDM weather data acquisition/distribution software.  Assisted in design of the next-generation hardware and software for real-time data assimilation utilizing Vaisala hardware.  Created LINUX workstations from parts. Implemented network security practices.


Shell Crustal Imaging Facility (SCIF):  Provided support for Sun systems and PCs using seismic interpretation and data migration packages such as Landmark, SMT, and Schlumberger GeoFrame.  Loaded software, seismic data, and installed data storage facility.  Assisted users with the use of multiple software packages.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics:  Hired as first full-time UNIX systems and network administrator.  Replaced existing graduate student computing facility with HP server and workstations.  Served as HP site representative.  Supervised three network upgrades, was involved in  the design of the second and third upgrades, both physical facility and logical functionality.  Designed new data acquisition system for student fluids laboratory using National Instruments’ LabView software and interface cards for Macintosh.  Purchased and set up HP web servers using NCSA httpd.  Maintained all user desktop computers.  Initiated backup system for all faculty, staff, and research office machines.  Implemented network security practices, as well as physical security of computing and network equipment.  Supervised three graduate assistant employees.  Set up undergraduate computing facility comprised of LINUX workstations.  Assisted in automating the recording of data produced by the 3,000,000 lb. testing machine.

University of Wisconsin - Madison


Space Science and Engineering Center:  Worked on data analysis system for use in the field with the Federal Aviation Administration’s ASR-9 dual doppler airport/weather surveillance radar.  Purchased and installed software on field units.  Taught several classes on the use of the software to the field operators.  Maintained Sun and Digital workstations.  Assisted with visualization of simulated microbursts.  Did collaborative work with weather modelers and visualization group at National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).  Worked with NCAR graphics software.  Wrote radar data analysis and display routines.

Mobil Research & Development


Systems administration of VAX/VMS equipment.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Department of Atmospheric Sciences:  Worked with data sets from preliminary FAA ASR-9 radar.  Wrote visualization and display routines for radar data and weather model output data.  Began system administration of VAX/VMS equipment.  Supervised initial network installation.

W.D. Scott & Associates

Wrote medical billing software for PCs.

SuperSoft, Inc.

Performed helpdesk support of PC software, as well as quality assurance testing of compilers and utilities.

Integrated Technologies, Inc.

Wrote medical billing software for physical therapists.  Traveled to offices to perform installations. Provided telephone support.

Linux (RHEL & CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu)


Mac OS X, iOS

csh, tcsh, bash, Python

older:  IRIX, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, UNICOS, VAX/VMS

Languages & Software



Adobe FrameMaker


Rally (Agile)


FlexLM (installation, update, generation of licenses)



Professional Societies
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Computer Science, Ph. D. program, departed to begin work.


Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science/Physics.

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