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Here are some of my proudest achievements!

Software and Installations

BP Center for Visualization

The immersive environment that was donated by BP/ARCO to the University of Colorado at Boulder was a dream come true.  While this research center was primarily dedicated to the visualization of 3D seismic data, work was also done on aerospace and medical visualization.

​“I have had the pleasure of working with Gwen since 2001 when I joined Silicon Graphics and Gwen was one of the foundational elements of the BP Center for Visualization at Colorado University. At CU, Gwen was responsible for managing a cutting edge, immersive visualization environment powered by a formidable supercomputer, and managing the rest of the infrastructure that supported research and application development.

"With the privatization of the team and technologies in the move to TerraSpark Geosciences, Gwen took on additional roles in the software development world including managing the infrastructure for a distributed research and development team, and playing point on taking the technology to market and working with premier clients for implementation to their work and interfacing to the development teams.

"Gwen has been the consummate professional in every role I have seen her in tackling each task with passion and dedication. She is an asset to any team.

William Barling, Deputy, Inland District at California Dept. of Conservation, Div. of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources

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